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Serving Weight/Egg: 50 gms ‘Spray-dried KADAKNATH whole egg powder’ is best to add more protein to your daily-food and enjoy a healthy & tasty ‘Protein-rich diet’. Use: French Toast | Muffins | Cookies | Cakes/Pan-cakes | Pastries | Pasta Mayonnaise | Ice-cream | Salad-dressing | Meat-balls | Meat-loafs Scrambled Eggs | Omelette | Protein Drink . It can also be used in daily gravy-recipes & soup as a thickening agent to increase your daily protein & nutrient intake. Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing. of stored below 25 C in dry, cool & dark place. (Don’t use wet spoon)

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Kadaknath Whole Egg powder carries all the usual nutritional benefits of a fresh egg in good amount, with a much longer shelf life, offering a good source of protein, immune-boosting properties, and antibacterial qualities. Kadaknath Whole Egg powder can be incorporated into a number of recipes, and it is very useful for producing free-from foods as they’re entirely gluten-free. It is also ideal for making low-fat recipes for the more health-conscious consumers. It can be added to bakery recipes without the fuss of having to mix with liquid beforehand, all you need to do is add the amount needed and the required amount of water and carry on with the usual recipe process. Whether it’s for cakes, bread, biscuits, muffins or pancakes; you’ve got a no-mess, no-fuss, and free-from-friendly egg replacement. You can also use our whole egg powder as a replacement in omelettes and scrambled eggs, or soups and sauces – in fact almost any product that usually contains fresh egg. All you need to do is add liquid!


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