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Serving Weight/Egg: 50 gms Directions for use: Mix 1-2 table spoon of powder in water & feed to your pet once or twice a day. You can also feed it mixing with other regular pet-food. Best before 6 months from the date of manufacturing. oIf stored below 25 C in dry, cool & dark place. (Don’t use wet spoon) Spray-dried KADAKNATH whole egg pet protein powder’ is best protein food for your loved pet to boost its immunity power & strengthen the muscles. A unique Protein supplement to support the daily nutritional needs of your pet. Fulfils your pet’s daily nutritional needs. Provides Balanced & Essential Amino Acids for proper growth & maintenance. Increases immunity and improves antibody production that helps fight diseases provides instant energy for quick recovery after physical activity. It’s range of B Vitamins helps reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases & maintains optimum weight by lowering cholesterol. Maintains a healthy balance of intestinal microflora through its probiotic activity and enhances well-being of senior pets. Regular intake recommended for: growing cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Pregnant & lactating dogs/cats. Older pets. •ailing and protein-deficient pets. Pets on vegetarian diet. Dogs participating in dog competitions and shows. Overweight dogs & cats. Pets on rigorous physical exercise & training **highly recommended before & after vaccination and for dogs suffering from canine distemper & parvovirus Healthy Facts: Builds muscles | Gain lean mass | Boost immunity power.

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Protein is arguably the most important part of your pet’s diet. There are twenty-two amino acids: ten of which are essential to dogs. Essential means that the body is unable to produce it (or at least not enough of it to support normal function), so it must be acquired through diet or supplements. Essential Amino Acids for Dogs: • Arginine • Histidine • Isoleucine • Leucine • Lysine • Methionine • Phenylalanine • Threonine • Tryptophan • Valine Proteins are made up of different amino acids, which are necessary in different quantities for your pet’s total system functioning and muscle development and maintenance. Whatever protein is unused will be broken down and stored as fat or used as energy, depending on your dog’s calorie intake. Proteins cannot be stored as protein in the body and unused amino acids will be excreted in the urine. With a biological value of 100, Kadaknath eggs win for protein quality. Pet Protein based on Kadaknath is very digestible and one of the best protein sources for your pets.

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1 review for PET PROTEIN POWDER (50 GM)

  1. kadaknath

    Kadaknath is a natural blend of healthy and Delicious taste... simply loving it.

    Sunita Pawar

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